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System Center

September 10, 2013 | Infrastructure, System Center

Round Robin Assignment in Service Manager – Part 2: SCSM Setup

In the first part of this blog series, I introduced how to build out a Round Robin Assignment in Service Manager. Part 1: Introduction Part 2: SCSM Setup (this post) Part 3: Orchestrator Setup Part 4: Get Next User Script […]

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Microsoft Service Manager and CMDB [Podcast]

Christopher Mank shares about Service Manager and CMDB.

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Video Presentation: PowerShell Deployment Toolkit : Downloader.PS1

I wanted to create a followup to my previous post: Introduction to PowerShell Deployment Toolkit  The PowerShell Deployment Toolkit has many components, and instead of tackling them all at once, I figured I would seperate some of the components into […]

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August 28, 2013 | Infrastructure, System Center

Round Robin Assignment in Service Manager – Part 1: Introduction

As more and more customers move off of their existing Incident tracking systems, I find it necessary to replicate some of the functions that a client’s old system may have but is not included in Service Manager out of box. […]

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Can’t Add Drivers to SCCM 2012 Boot Image

Sometimes the most frustrating issues are those without any error messages.  Working with a client to add a new desktop model to the SCCM build process, we found that we could not add drivers to the boot image.  No error […]

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PowerShell and SCCM Task Sequences

PowerShell and SCCM  task sequences are both great tools, but they don’t always work well together.  I was working with a customer who wanted to setup an automatic Windows login a the end of the initial build task sequence.  The username […]

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