A real world but different look into APPLY vs JOIN.

Nick Adams by Nick Adams

Using UI Wireframes & UX Mock-ups to Attain Group Consensus - The Art of the Dog-and-Pony-Show.

Creative Platforms are planned, scrutinized and scrapped and then reimagined from the ground up many times over.  If done correctly a creative platform can imbue a consumer with a magical sense that they themselves personify a brand.

This Holy Grail in advertising psychology… is the insubstantial brand equity that agencies strive to produce.

User Interface Design and the ability to shape a User’s Experience operates a lot like the pursuit of a perfect Customer Experience and how it builds Brand Equity

Damon Sanchez by Damon Sanchez

Welcome to R!

A brief introduction to R Language

Nick Adams by Nick Adams

How to Hide Write-In Product on Opportunity Product Sub Grid

How to hide or not allow users to add write-in products with a few different methods. If your instance needs to use the existing button only, follow one of the options in this post to hide the write-in button. 

Salvatore Montini by Salvatore Montini

Converting a TFVC Repository to Git

In this blog post we look at how to convert a Team Foundation Version Control repository to a Git repository. 

Adam Driscoll by Adam Driscoll

Modern IT Management Defined: DevOps, ITIL, Cloud, Agile, or All of the Above?

What if I told you that you had to take your management platforms and start over, but this time you needed to plan for the next generation of how you'd work with your teams.  What if I told you that you needed to re-address how you dealt with your operational lifecycle, development, and release management.  This is what my team and I did over the last several months.  We decided that we'd look at what the management landscape will look like years from now and apply those concepts to the tools being released by Microsoft for the cloud-centric world. 

Nathan Lasnoski by Nathan Lasnoski