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Nathan Lasnoski

Nathan Lasnoski is the Director of Concurrency’s Infrastructure Practice, a Datacenter MVP and a recognized leader in Core Infrastructure Design, SharePoint Infrastructure, Virtualization, and Unified Communications technologies.


TechEd 2012 Hyper-V, Service Manager, and Orchestrator Presentation and Sessions

I’m at TechEd this week, presenting and enjoying the awesome new Microsoft technologies powered by Windows Server 2012 and System Center.  There is so much to talk about in Windows Server 2012, including Hyper-V 2012, RDS, HA scale-out file server, DNS […]

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Hyper-V 2012 vs. VMware

Hey VMware… Novell called.  They want their future back!   I must admit, having been in IT for a while, I’ve gotten used to Microsoft coming in a little late to the party, then dominating the heck out of a market.  […]

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Service Manager Request Query Result Filtering

I was working on several Service Manager engagements where I had very large computer, software, and user lists that I wanted to query content from through Request Offerings.  The Service Manager content returned by the query is out-of-box set to […]

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Understanding Business Services in Service Manager

In System Center we make heavy use of Business Services, because this is how we represent the deliverables of IT to the business.  In System Center Service Manager, we have the opportunity to articulate these services through the business service listing, […]

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Top 10 Production Experiences with Service Manager and Orchestrator

I had a great time presenting at MMS 2012 on the Top 10 Production Experiences with Service Manager and Orchestrator.  We took a trip through our experiences using System Center Service Manager and Orchestrator in production, how to approach the […]

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Creating Change Requests from Service Requests using System Center Orchestrator

I was working on several different engagements where I needed to map relationships.  A particular example is where I need to map relationships from one request to another request (such as a Service Request to a Change Request).  In our […]

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