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Nathan Lasnoski

Nathan Lasnoski is the Director of Concurrency’s Solutions, a Datacenter MVP and a recognized leader in Core Infrastructure Design, SharePoint Infrastructure, Virtualization, and Unified Communications technologies.


Azure Automation DSC: Getting Started

For those watching the Azure Automation portal, you may have noticed a new preview capability has been launched within the Azure Automation UI.  The current capabilities available through PowerShell with Azure Automation DSC are becoming available in the Azure Automation […]

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Windows Containers 101

The Microsoft team did a great job today talking about containers.  What is a container?  A container is an isolation layer that allows an application to execute without affecting other applications, or other applications affecting it.  It also makes applications […]

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Azure Traffic Manager vs. Azure Load Balancer

I found in some conversations this week that there is a lack of understanding of the differentiation between Azure Traffic Manager and Azure Load Balancers.  The two platforms are extremely important to creating a highly available architecture within Azure.  These […]

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New Azure Feature: Enhanced Express Route and Software VPN Capabilities

There are a number of new capabilities that were announced this week for Express Route and software VPNs.  For those not familiar, ExpressRoute is a method of connecting Azure to your on-premise topology through a telco’s private network, such as […]

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May 05, 2015 | Azure, IaaS, PaaS

New Azure Feature: User Defined Routes

Today Microsoft announced today a new feature called User Defined Routes in Azure.  This addresses what was previously a significant challenge to networking configuration within the Azure topology.  User defined routes enables an administrator to configure their own routes within […]

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Microsoft Azure Pack 2.0 in Microsoft Azure Stack

The next version of Windows Azure Pack and cloud consistent private cloud was announced today at Ignite and was also showed last week at BUILD as Microsoft Azure Stack.  If an enterprise or a service-provider wants to run the public […]

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